About Maria

Hi, my name is Maria Cristina, I am the founder of Maria Cristina Boutique. I know the frustration trying to find a good undergarment that enhances your figure. Throughout my world travels, I have seen how women from so many cultures and countries find beauty in apparel, but getting the fit to accentuate their bodies does not always work.

There is a universal problem with our fashionable outfits. While they may look fabulous on display, does not mean they accentuate our curves like we had hoped. This gave me the idea of focusing on the undergarments for women, mainly the butt, breast and waist, which tends to be our most problem areas, but also turning it into something that benefits others in a positive way. 

Maria Cristina Boutique will donating 10% of all sales, every quarter directly to nonprofits serving children who have been neglected and orphaned. We will share the donation amount every quarter through our e-newsletter. All sales made from customers located in South America, will go to fund children on the street in Quito, Ecuador.

I want to create a positive change in this world and it starts with a company's mission and purpose to serve others from the start. This is my passion to help those less fortunate while having a strong loyal client base that feels proud of their purchase. 

I look forward to bringing you fabulous products that enhances your life and beautiful curves at an affordable rate while serving others that are in need.


Maria Cristina ~ Founder/President